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John Bitter
Ogden Utah USA
Fire Fighter and IT Professional

I am from Ogden Utah, I graduated from Ogden High School in June of 1993. After completing high school I worked odd jobs until deciding to serve a LDS mission. I served an mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Romania Bucharest from April 1994 to May 1996. After returning home I did some college at Weber State University and at the same time I began volunteering for the Ogden City Fire Department. Through their volunteer program I got my basic fire certifications and at the same time I went to the DATC and received my EMT certification. I went through their testing process and got hired on with them as a full time fire fighter in February 1999. In the summer of 2003 I received a job offer from Salt Lake City Fire Department and started working for them in September 2003. I have been with Salt Lake City Fire Department since then.

During my years as a fire fighter I have seen the introduction of multiple technology programs. Some of those programs worked well and others were some of the hardest programs to navigate and use that I have ever seen. I have always thought that developing a user friendly program couldn’t be that hard to do, especially if you use input from all the players that might be using that program. I have worked with programs like FDM, ESO, Acella, NFIRS, and others. I have worked with each of these in full desktop versions mobile versions. The best of these programs had the end user in mind and they were adaptable to changing environments, the worst were not. It has been very enlightening to see how Information Technology is shaping the future of public service. In order to keep people safe accurate information is needed quickly and in a manner that it can be used by the people doing the work. For instance, a slow data terminal does me no good on the way to a fire or medical emergency. If it is not fast, reliable and easy to use then it becomes a paperweight and won’t get used. I understand that there are many frustrations that can develop between IT professionals and the people that use the equipment and I can see the perspctive from both directions, because I have been on both sides.

High School Diploma from Ogden High School

Some College from Weber State University

Utah Valley State College

  • Fire Fighter 1 Certification
  • Fire Fighter 2 Certification
  • Hazmat Awareness Certification
  • Hazmat Operations Certification
  • Hazmat Technician Certification
  • Fire Inspector 1 Certification

Davis Applied Technology College

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Currently in the Information Technology Program

Certifications I have earned from the DATC IT program.

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification
  • CompTIA Network + Certification
  • MTA Networking Fundamentals Certification
  • MTA Microsoft Security Essentials
  • CompTIA A+ Certification

Employment History

  • Ogden City Fire Department – February 1999 to September 2003.
  • Salt Lake City Fire Department – September 2003 to Present.

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Computer Networking Education and Experience