Software Development Fundamentals

Course Overview:

This course covered the basics of writing programs in the Visual Basic programming language. It covered the fundamentals of programming and design by explaining what a program is and how it is put together. It went through programming tasks, and procedures, and how the computer logically follows the directions given to it. It explained the difference between programming and programs. The basics of any program are to get input, processing that input, and have some type of output either to a user, file, or other program. The course explained how a program stores data types in memory, how data is retrieved and how you can sort through or search the data. The basics of input and output controls along with arrays and their uses in data storage, sorting, and searching are taught. The course covered how to correctly and accurately comment on your code so it is easier to review and understand, either by yourself or by someone else who might be charged with reviewing and updating the program you have written. It explains flowcharts, deskchecks, and how to appropriately use documentation to debug, find, and fix programming errors.

The course covers timers and how to set them up as well as the different types of loops and if structures that allow a program to function more effectively, and perform tasks until, or while conditions are either true or false. I was taught about procedures, functions, and subs and how to make them useful in streamlining a program. It teaches how to display or present the data requested from the user in a usable and understandable format. This course teaches the basics of creating maintaining and managing a program so that it is usable and functions properly. In short the course discussed how to build a reliable program that suits the needs of the user.

Course Reflection:

This course has taught me that programming is very enjoyable and rewarding, but it has to be done just right with the proper syntax and logic that the computer understands or it won’t work. The end goal of each project is to please an end user, and so while developing any program I need to keep the end user in mind as I am writing any program. Will what I am producing be useful and easy to use and understand? This is the question that should be in my mind as I am working on any project. That end user could be anyone, including myself.

I have gained a greater understanding of just how dumb a computer is and how exact instructions need to be in order for it to accomplish what needs to be done. It has no intuition or common sense. everything has to be told to it and it needs to be instructed exactly what it needs to do with each and every piece of information. One thing that I have gained an appreciation of is that I can make a computer do anything once I figure out how to communicate with it and understand its logic. The possibilities are only limited by imagination and my understanding of the code.

Computer Networking Education and Experience