Web Development Fundamentals

Course Overview

This course has taken me through the basics of how to design a web page. I started with learning more about the basics of the World Wide Web and the protocols that run it. The course walked me through HTML and gave me a taste of some of the different elements used by the HTML language. We went over the principles of web design and providing accessibility for all people on any web site I may design. I was introduced to responsive web design and how to make a web page more interactive for a user so that the site is more responsive to their needs. There are best practices that should be followed on any web page that make the page or site more user friendly and accessible to everyone. While designing web pages through out the course I was introduced to CSS “Cascade Style Sheets”. CSS makes designing web pages so much more convenient and faster. I love how I can put a style rule in and have it apply to everything it references to on the webpage. Learning about images and multimedia files was a lot of fun, but a great challenge. I have always wondered how to put together a web page and I’m glad that this course introduced me to the basics of what it takes to put one together.

One of the funnest and greatest challenges that I had with this course was developing my own website with multiple webpages. I developed a site that relates to my current employment in the fire department. I am an inspector for Salt Lake City Fire Department and am currently learning about their hazmat permit process. Developing this web page helped me learn about the permit process and also how to put together a web page using HTML and CSS. The site came together after a lot of testing and practice with the different styles and layout designs of how I wanted the webpages to look and interact. It was good to see exactly what it takes to put together a website by writing all the code and then publishing it to the web. This project helped to prepare me for the final project that would follow and that would be building my own website that features me and an e-Portfolio of myself.

Building this website with WordPress has taught me a lot about how to put web pages together. It is definitely not as hard using a Web Hosting Application like WordPress to put a website together as it is to put one together by just using a text editor. This has been fun building web pages and putting content into them. Using WordPress has allowed me to focus more on the content of the site than how to put it together. It has taken some time to learn how WordPress works and I am still learning cPanel, but it is coming along great.

Course Reflection:

This course has taught me that building websites is a lot of fun. The hardest part is making sure all the pieces are put together in the right order and in the correct spot. Going through the book and learning HTML was a challenge because there are so many different tags, elements, and attributes that can be applied to so many areas of a web page. CSS is a great tool that I enjoyed using because it seemed to make development easier and it streamlined the styling of my pages. Everything was a little overwhelming at first, but as I practice and built multiple websites it became easier and easier. The more I worked with HTML and WordPress the more I understood how they function, and the better I could visualize how things were suppose to work and fit together. It was great to finally see how the pieces worked and functioned as a whole. The final project of putting this website together has shown me what I know and that I still have a lot to learn about web site development. I’ll keep studying and learning, and in the future take more classes on web site development so I can be better at it and more proficient in its application.

The picture below will take you to my first web site I developed using HTML5 language and a CSS3 style sheet.

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