CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals

Course Overview

This course has gone over how the PC is put together and its basic functions. It goes over how a PC receives input, processes and stores information, and the different output devices it uses to display results. The course defines different Operating Systems, how to configure them, and their different ways of functioning and running the computer system.

I learned how to upgrade a PC and about the basic maintenance and care for a computer. The course discusses how to upgrade hardware and software. It talks about the pros and cons of upgrading hardware and software, and how the decision to upgrade one impacts the other. Sometimes it is just not feasible to upgrade that system and replacement is the required course. It is important to know if a system will be able to handle your new software you want to install on your computer. It teaches how to look at a system and the software requirements a particular program has, and how to determine if it will be compatible with the computer you have.

The course reviews networks and the pros and cons of wired and wireless networks, how they are configured and the security concerns a network presents. It talks about how to secure your PC through due diligence, firewalls, security software, and operating systems. It discusses the many different threats that a computer is exposed to and how to protect against them. Lastly the book discusses green PC practices, and how to be more environmentally friendly with your PC, and what to do with it when it has lost its usefulness.

Course Reflection

I have learned a lot about how computers are put together and how they function to make life better for everyone. there are a lot of security and privacy concerns that come with computers, but knowing what those risks are has helped me to minimize them on my personal computer, and take steps to eliminate them. I have learned a lot about how networks function, and how I can best configure my own network to make it function more efficiently and securely.

There are many different parts to a computer and knowing how to best maintain them has helped me to better take care of my personal computer, and maintain it better than I have in the past. I have learned how to make sure my computer will be able to handle the software that I may wish to install. I can now determine if my computer will be able to handle software I may wish to install. I can now see if I will be able to up grade my computers hardware and what types of hardware will be compatible with it. I have learned how to better economize my computer and make it function more efficiently, and securely.

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