CompTIA Network +

Course Overview:

I learned about network topologies and how physical topologies and logical topologies can and do differ. I learned about different cabling types and how each is has its benefits and disadvantages. The topology and the materials the network is built out of will effect the speed, maintenance, and functionality of the network during its lifetime. Knowing what a network will be used for and being able to build it out of materials that will make it function well into the future is the base of constructing a network. This course taught me about network protocols and how they work together to make a network function and connect with other networks. I see that they can be dynamic but at the same time very unforgiving if set up by someone who doesn’t know how to properly configure it to meet an organizations needs. There are safety concerns that must be looked at when configuring any network along with connectivity and speed. knowing how to put all the pieces together is crucial in setting up any network and the prime responsibility of a competent network technician.

Course Reflection:

There are many different things that can effect the security and stability of a network. This course has taught me that I always need to be up to date by learning the latest advances in technology, so I can understand current threats and how to analyze and combat what ever might pose a risk to any system I am working on. I have developed a sense of urgency to know and understand what kinds of risks and protocols are present so that I can be an effective IT technician. There are so many layers to network functionality and protection, and having a clear picture of each network layer and how they relate to each other is crucial in building and maintaining a network. It has been a journey to learn how the different protocols of TCP/IP interact on to make secure communications possible on a network. It is also interesting to understand how easy it is to become vulnerable by becoming complacent or not using the proper protocols in your network. Setting a network up correctly and implementing the proper protocols for communication and data transfer is the first step in implementing a successful and secure network.

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CompTIA Network+ Certification

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