Educational and Work Goals

Short Term Goals.

  • Pass my classes with enough understanding of the material to be competent in its application.
  • Stay ahead on my studies enough to understand the current material and see how it relates to what I have learned in previous classes.
  • Spend quality time with my family as I am going to school and working. What is the point of school and work if you don’t reward yourself with time off to enjoy those I love and are the closest to me.
  • Develop an understanding of how to apply my education in practical ways, and gain experience in using my new educational skills.

Long Term Goals.

  • Graduate within the 2017 year.
  • Understand networking and be proficient in the IT field.
  • Take extra classes on web design and internet security.
  • After going through the IT networking program at the DATC, I would like to go through the computer programming language program at the DATC. I think having a solid foundation in both areas of the IT profession will help me excel in any IT profession, and make me and asset to any company.

Computer Networking Education and Experience