WELCOME to my site!!

About me

I’ve worked for the Salt Lake City Fire Department since 2003, and I’ve been working as a fire fighter since February 1999. I have certifications as an EMT, Hazmat Technician. Being a fire fighter has put me in many stressful situations that have required quick and accurate decision making skills in order to a positive and safe outcome. One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned as a fire fighter is that to work as a part of a team is both a great privilege and a responsibility. You must be able to trust in all your team members, and have confidence that they are competent in the skills they are required to do, and they will perform those skills to the best of their ability.

As a member of a team I am either an asset to the team or a liability. In order to be an asset to the team I must know my duties and responsibilities and be able to perform them better than the basic standard. I must always be trying to improve and become better at all that is required of me, and searching out new and improved ways of doing my job in a better and more efficient way.

I have always been driven to be the best that I could possibly be in everything that I have decided to do, whether that is work, schooling, or relaxing. Excellence is a habit and those who are excellent in what they do made the decision that they wouldn’t settle for anything else, and then they worked at it every day. If I fail at something I try again and keep on going until I get it right. This is what experience has taught me to do.

Why am I seeking an education in Information Technology?

This website tells a little about me, and my goals and achievements in the pursuit of an Information Technology education and career. I am going back to school because I believe that you can never have too much education. I think it is always prudent and wise to be as diverse in my educational skills and training as possible. I want to make myself as marketable as possible for a new future career or perhaps a second career.

Why did I choose the IT program?

Information Technology is a field of study that has always intrigued me. Everything in our environment has something to do with information technology. Computers, communications, all multimedia, the internet, security systems, and every other part of life is influenced by information technology. I have always wondered how electronics and programming can control so many things and make life work so much easier. It is like magic to me and I want to be the magician. I believe that through understanding computers, programming, networking, and communications I will be able to be a better influence in the world around me.

Why did I choose the DATC?

I chose the DATC because I heard that they have a great program and through their program I would be able to learn all the skills needed to be a great IT professional and get a great job. Their program is competency based so I don’t feel like I’m being forced through a book just to take a test. I feel like I am able to learn the material well enough to be proficient in its use. I feel like when I am done with a course I am able to understand the material and how to apply it to what I have learned in previous courses and how it will relate to future courses. Another reason why I chose the DATC is because it is a great education at a price that I can afford.

Computer Networking Education and Experience